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How Old Should I Be To Become An Umpire?

Anyone in Year 8 or above are eligible to register as an umpire for the season.

( Turning 13 Years Old Or Older )
The DDFUA welcomes Umpires of all ages and gender, and motivate all mature aged rookies.

Male or Female?

The DDFUA equally welcome anyone to be part of the DDFUA umpiring course: boys, girls, men, women, any gender or any religion are encouraged to join the DDFUA squad!

Training Ground and Times?


All DDFUA Umpires are encouraged to attend every Wednesday night at Berehaven Oval

 (Berehaven Ave, Thornlie WA 6108)

during the season from 5:30pm-7:15pm.

What Do I Bring To Training?


Your ACME Thunderer Umpire Whistle! (Plastic or Metal) Should always be in your bag ready for training!

Water bottle

Notebook & Pen

What Do I Wear To Training?

All DDFUA members are required to wear your DDFUA training shirt at training, as well as wearing sneakers or football boots. If you are a new member and don't have your shirt yet, any exercise clothes are fine!

What Happens At Training?

Training sessions include a skills & education component (around 45 minutes) and a strength & conditioning session (around 30 minutes).

The skills component focuses on the umpiring aspect which includes enhancing their knowledge of the laws, where to position themselves on the field, developing confidence to enforce the rules, and their ability apply them on game day.

Is Training Compulsory?

No, training is not compulsory, but is highly encouraged. Your attendance is recorded for appointments and finals appointments and will be given to those umpires who attend training on a regular basis. The DDFUA Squad train weekly on a Wednesday night.

We are flexible with training, we just ask you inform your squad coaches.

How much can an umpire earn?

What If I Don't Know Much About The AFL (Australian Football Rules) Laws?

Our coaching staff will make sure that you are fully trained on the laws of Australian Football Rules as well as the By-Laws specific to competition within the DDFUA district.

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